Photonicyatra - Suchit Nanda Photography
Bharatnatyam dancer Geeta Chandran Founder, President, NATYA VRIKSHA, New Delhi at the Khajuraho Festival of Dances.<br />
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This festival is celebrated at a time when the hardness of winter begins to fade and the king of all seasons, spring, takes over. The most colorful and brilliant classical dance forms of india with their roots in the ling and rich cultural traditions across the country, offer a feast for the eyes during a weeklong extravaganza.<br />
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Khajuraho is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and roughly 620 kilometers (385 miles) southeast of New Delhi, the temples of Khajuraho are famous for their so-called "erotic sculptures". Khajuraho was the cultural capital of the Chandela Rajputs, a Hindu dynasty that ruled from the 10th to 12th centuries.
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