Khajuraho Dance Festival (Temple) 22-23 Feb 2017 - photonicyatra
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Khajuraho Vamana temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Vamana, an avatar of the god Vishnu. The temple was built between assignable to circa 1050-75. It forms part of the Khajuraho Eastern Group of Temple Monuments, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Khajuraho Temples are all built on high platforms, several metres off the ground. The stone used throughout is either granite or a combination of light sandstone and granite. Each of these temples has an entrance hall or mandapa, and a sanctum sanctorum or garbha griha. The roofs of these various sections have a distinct form. The porch and hall have pyramidal roofs made of several horizontal layers. The inner sanctum's roof is a conical tower - a colossal pile of stone (often 30m high) made of an arrangement of miniature towers called shikharas.

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